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July 26th, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog

Want to Create a Video for Your Business?

Videos really are the in thing at the moment. They can be great for your website and social media sites. They can be very daunting but they don’t have to be.

Google love videos at the moment and have changed their algorithms and will give higher priority to those with videos which means that you can gain ‘brownie points’ for having videos and go higher in the rankings for your website and social media sites.


People don’t have a lot of time these days so even creating a very short video(s) can be great for your business. Research shows that videos that are 1 to 3 minutes long work the best as people don’t have the time to watch videos that are 15 minutes long.

Some practitioners say they struggle a bit explaining to the general public what Shiatsu is so what better way then showing them on a video.

Creating a video does not have to cost a lot of money either, you can even create them for free.  Just invest a little bit of time and you will reap the rewards.

We would recommend watching a few videos and see what you like.  Note down what you think is good and not so good and this will help you create your own video.

Most people view videos on their mobiles these days so make sure they are mobile friendly. Again, Google algorithms will give you more ‘brownie points’ for this.

Video Brief

It is so important to start by thinking about what you want the video for.

Who is your target audience?

  • The general public?
  • Potential clients?

Why are you making the video?

  • To market your practice?
  • To market yourself?
  • To market Shiatsu?
  • To improve your Facebook likes?
  • To improve your website?
  • CPD (continuing professional development)?

What’s the topic for the video?

  • Show people what to expect in a Shiatsu treatment?
  • Tell people a bit more about you as a practitioner?
  • Show people your clinic?
  • Tell people what Shiatsu can help with?
  • Client testimonial(s)?

What’s your call to action? What do you want viewers to do after they’ve watched the video?

  • Have a Shiatsu treatment?
  • Contact you?
  • Visit your website?
  • ‘Like’ your Facebook page?
  • ‘Share’ your video?


The next step is to write your script.  Think about whether you want a short or long video.  If short then you need to keep the script brief.  Think back to the videos you watched and what you liked about them.  The script should be clear, accurate and concise.

Think about how long you want your video to be and practice saying the script to keep to that time, remembering that most videos have a very short intro and ending (usually seconds with a photo/logo/web address).

The script does not have to be anything fancy as people on camera  usually get their message across while sounding and acting naturally.  You are not speaking to the Queen (although she may watch your video!) – sentences like “my clients just love Shiatsu” will sound much better than “please note that my client received Shiatsu and reported back that one found it very gratifying”.  If you think you will not be natural on camera then you can always ask someone else to read for you (see below for more on this).   A video is more authentic and engaging when it is kept conversational, not scripted.  Keep it natural.  Say it out loud and speak as though you are speaking to a client or friend.

We advise keeping your script short as usually videos are short, however, we also recommend you script the whole video and not just bullet point the main topics you want the video to cover. Having bullet points will make it harder for you to speak, especially if you are a bit nervous.  Also, if you are getting someone else to do the voiceover for you then they will need the script. Be clear and concise right from the start, it will save you time and hassle in the long term.

Whilst writing the script picture in your mind how you want the video to look/appear:

  • Picture what background you want, what photos/graphics
  • Picture any colours, themes
  • Picture if you want any clients featured and note to ask them
  • Think about any background music and what mood you want to create – relaxing or upbeat
  • Do you want a serious theme, fun theme, humour?
  • Do you want cartoon or reality?

Sit somewhere really quiet and really try and imagine the video in your mind from start to finish.


Now think about your audience.  You may say ‘anyone’, however take time to think about it.  If you are aiming at potential clients and the majority of your clients at the moment are female between the age of 60 and 70 then you may want to target this audience.  However, you may want to target a new clientele so target the video at men between the ages of 25 and 40.  Really think about who you want to target, and why.

Think about where you are targeting too.  If you are trying to target 70 to 80 year olds and want an Instagram video then is this the best thing?   Instagram say that their audience is mainly 20-30 year olds and very few 70-80 year olds so this may not be the best for your video.

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