LinkedIn for Shiatsu Practitioners

July 31st, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog

Why be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is no longer just for people searching for a job.  It is now an excellent business tool too. There are many benefits to you, your  business and Shiatsu:

  • Brand Awareness – for your business and for Shiatsu
  • Sales Opportunities – gain more clients
  • Educate people about Shiatsu
  • Testimonials – show people how good you are, an expert in your field
  • Customer Service – talk to your customers, and potential customers
  • Increased Exposure
  • Free advertising – costs you time but rewards can be enormous
  • Networking Opportunities

Creating a LinkedIn Page

Visit, click on ‘join now’ and just follow the instructions. It can be a good idea to look at other peoples’ profiles before you start to give you some ideas and examples of what looks really good.


The first step is to make sure you upload a professional photo. This is typically a headshot of yourself. This is usually the first thing people see so have a good quality photo and make sure you are smiling!  Look friendly and professional.

LinkedIn introduced the photo filter option in 2017 so take advantage of this feature to ensure your photo looks the best it can.  You can make your photo brighter, black and white, more luminate etc. Just click on your profile photo and select the filters you want to apply.

LinkedIn is for professionals so be professional!

Give your profile page a bit more personality, or branding, with a visually appealing background image. Stand out from the rest!  LinkedIn advises using images (PNG, JPG, or GIF) with a minimum resolution of 1400 x 425.


Next you will be asked to write a headline about yourself, aim for around 10 words. This should give details about yourself and your speciality. LinkedIn populates your headline and this will speak directly to your audience. Use keywords so your profile is searchable.  Example:

“A professional Shiatsu practitioner with over 25 years’ experience.”


You will be asked to complete a summary field. This should contain your biggest achievements.  Use bullet points to make them stand out and make it easier for people to read. You can also add media files, including video.

Your profile will stand out more by adding media files.  Even just adding a profile photo could result in 14 times more profile views than someone without!


This is your opportunity to write about your experience. This can include your Shiatsu experience, past work experience, and any life experiences.  Always start with your present and work backwards.  There is also the facility to add images and documents to create a great visual portfolio along with your standard c.v. information.


Complete as much information as possible.  Include your skills, education, professions, volunteer experience etc. This is the place to put all the interesting things about you that do not fit in your resume but paints a picture of you.

* As you are not looking for a job then think about what experience you want to list. People looking for a job may only list relevant experience / history to the job they are looking for.  As a Shiatsu practitioner you may want to write about your background so people get a complete picture. Be realistic – do you want people to know you had a paper round when you were 16?  Is this relevant and beneficial?

You are allowed to link to three URLs on your profile so make use of these if you can.  Link to your website by clicking ‘other’.  If you have a blog then link to that. If you have an article published online then link to that. If you are a member of a regulator then link to that. If you have a listing on our website then link to that.

* As from 2017 LinkedIn allows you to choose the order you want your profile headings.  Use the symbol (4 lines – located under the pencil) to drag and drop the headings around.


Recommendations are the ‘currency’ on LinkedIn. Hopefully people will recommend you automatically.  We always look out for our clients on LinkedIn and will automatically give you recommendations.  Always ask for recommendations. Contact clients, past associates, ex-employers, colleagues etc.

Always recommend people too.  People usually get notification of this but it can do no harm to message them to tell them you have done them a recommendation and ask for them to write you a recommendation too (unless they have already done so).  Most people will feel obliged to return the good deed.

Put a bit of time and thought into writing recommendations for people – they will appreciate it!  If you ask for recommendations don’t expect an immediate response as people are busy and hopefully they will also put effort into writing yours too.

Don’t be shy when asking for recommendations.  Also ask people to recommend you for the skills you have at the same time too.

Remember to copy any recommendations to your website and Facebook page for greater exposure.  Clients / potential clients love recommendations / testimonials. There is no better marketing.

Status Updates

Use status updates to share industry-relevant content.  This shows your audience that you are professional, focused and an expert in the field of Shiatsu.

Follow these tips and you can ensure that you have a killer LinkedIn profile that will stand out to clients, potential clients, and enable you to network within the field of Shiatsu and complementary therapy.

Network / Follow

LinkedIn can be fantastic to network. Link to as many Shiatsu practitioners and relevant companies as you can.  LinkedIn now works very much like Facebook so you can ‘Like’ and ‘share’ other peoples’ posts and in return they should do the same for you. This way we can really spread the word about Shiatsu.

Remember to like and share Shiatsu Health Point’s posts!


LinkedIn allows you to follow a maximum of 5,000 people.

You can follow people by:

  • Click on their profile
  • Click the little arrow near the connect button
  • Scroll down to “follow”

When you follow someone you will receive notifications when they post an article and see their updates in the newsfeed.

You are allowed to follow a maximum of 50 companies.  Make sure Shiatsu Health Point is one!  As this only leaves you 49 then make sure you click on who you follow wisely.  Look at the companies’ newsfeeds and make sure they are companies you want to follow and they will benefit you and your business.  Examples of companies you want to follow are Shiatsu regulators, professional associations, health organisations, local companies to you where you can gain clients, etc. Ensure that you comment, like and share relevant content to your network.

If you work within a multi-therapy clinic or multi-practitioner clinic then ensure you connect with each other so you can share and like each other’s posts. Don’t forget the actual clinic itself too.  It is amazing how many times we see that people actually forget to do this and they are not promoting themselves, their clinics and their colleagues.


Connecting with someone gives similar results as following someone. The main  difference between a follow and connecting means that you will not see more private details such as job changes, work anniversaries,  birthdays and other profile updates.

One way to connect with people is a technique called “respond by email and then connect.” This method is a great way to make connections with interesting and valuable people. There is a Microsoft Outlook tool that helps with this technique called XOBNI (inbox spelt backwards).  Unfortunately, this is not available for Mac Mail.

Whenever you receive an email from someone you think would be a valuable connection, you just respond by email and mention in the email that you will be connecting by LinkedIn. In your connection request remind them you just emailed them. LinkedIn penalises you if you try to connect with too many people who reject you because they do not know, or do not remember, who you are. You are allowed a maximum of 3000 “don’t know” invitations. If you reach that maximum then you will be forced to add the person’s email each time you want to connect with a new person.

By personalising the emails you have the chance to remind people how they know you, where they met you.  For example:

  •     “Thank you for enquiring about having a Shiatsu treatment ….”
  •     “Thank you for subscribing to my Shiatsu newsletter….”
  •     “It was lovely talking to you at the local??? health exhibition…”
  •     “It was lovely to meet you last week at ….”

Remember to:

  • Respect people’s inbox and only send invitation requests to people you know
  • Use your 3000 invitations wisely
  • Always personalise your email introduction – do not use the default

Build Your Network

There is an advanced search facility on LinkedIn you can use, however you are limited to search results by doing this. Alternatively, you can search Google.  By Searching in Google you have the opportunity to search the whole of LinkedIn, not just those that are in your network.

A great tool which is free can be found at – coupled with  (to find email addresses).

Without a network you are really just talking to yourself so do take the time to build your network.

Network with other Shiatsu practitioners, other complementary practitioners, us!, complementary therapy associations, health organisations, regulators, health companies local to you, groups local to you, clients, people you network with etc.  Anyone that you think could benefit you and your business. It is not usual to connect with your competitors although you need to use your discretion as a Shiatsu practitioner as networking with other Shiatsu practitioners and practitioners of other therapies can be beneficial for sharing information, networking etc. Practitioners tend not to have the competitor issues that companies have and are more open to sharing and referring.

3 Rules of Posting:




Potential clients can be hard to reach as you may not know yet who they are.  However, if they have showed interest in having a Shiatsu with you and you have their details, they have subscribed to your blog or newsletter, attended a workshop with you, then that is a good place to start. Send out connection requests to them.

There is a ‘reminder’ section on LinkedIn which can be useful for sending requests.  If someone has contacted you in the past and you have their details then you can schedule to contact them, say for in 2 weeks’ time, to send a message saying something along the lines of “How are you?  Have you had time to consider booking a Shiatsu? etc”. Give details of any special offers or promotions you are running to entice them to book a treatment and link with you.

Getting People to Follow Your Company Page

It is not easy to get people to ‘follow’ your company page unless you are paying for adverts. Just keep asking people to follow you, keep active, keep posting great quality content and people will want to follow you naturally.

Clients of Shiatsu Health Point can access the full blog, plus more, in the client area at

Do you have any tips for using LinkedIn?  We’d love to hear them.