The measurement of the Human Energy Field (HEF) using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) technology pre- and post- Shiatsu treatments

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The measurement of the Human Energy Field (HEF) using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) technology pre- and post- Shiatsu treatments

By Guest Blogger Murray Nicholson.


Reflecting from my career in Life Sciences and more recently the knowledge and experience gained as a Shiatsu practitioner, I have always been intrigued with the concept of ‘Ki’ energy, the meridian channels, and it’s connection not only with the human mind, body, spirit but also the interaction with our environment and the universe. Some of these ‘subtle’ energies and auric layers of our human body we can sometimes consciously sense, feel, and connect with – in an effort to maintain an energetic balance and individual well-being. Energy is created through our thoughts, emotions, and intentions and when transmitted in a positive way can be very uplifting and beneficial – as giver and receiver. However, we generally are unable to see such subtle energy, fully interpret, or readily quantify these phenomena.

‘Where the mind goes – energy flows’
Ernest Holmes


In an effort to quantitatively measure this subtle energy, I have undertaken some initial research to measure the homeostasis of the Human Energy Field of organs, body systems and meridians, before and after client shiatsu treatment. Measurements were taken from the finger and thumb tips using an Electronic-Photonic Imaging camera (EPI) – also known as GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) that measures and computes the energy in Joules and compares to optimal energy levels.

Ki – Life force

During my studies of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we understood the importance of Ki energy as a Life Force, formed from the interaction between Yin and Yang, so that when Ki is flowing smoothly in abundance within our body and cells, the more healthy and vibrant we become. As many of you are aware, the use of these subtle energy, is evident in many oriental traditions and cultures for daily healing and well-being purposes. Ki energy is also further enhanced through exercise, breathing and diet.

The way to do is to be  – Lao Tzu

Human Energy Field (HEF)

The Human body is an energy field, electro-magnetic in nature and contains many subtle auric layers, and dimensions projected to and from the physical body. These subtle energy layers may also contain our consciousness, emotions, thought processes and life blue print which may reflect our health and well-being.

The Bio-energy or Human Energy Field (HEF) is the energy field closest to our body (depth about 10 cm) and radiates energy (corona glow) from our cellular activity, and biological systems. The brightness of this energy field reflects our state of health and as well to identify any disharmony, or internal disturbances of energy.

                Image of Human Energy Field

The Human Energy field (HEF) and is considered the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional and in some case the spiritual condition of an individual. These images of the Human Energy Field (above) can be captured using (GDV) technology from images taken via the finger and thumb tips.

The data captured is based upon the electrical stimulation of photon and electron emissions from an object (such as a finger-tip) placed on a glass electrode within the electromagnetic field. The resulting discharge is recorded by the GDV Bio-Well camera system and is converted into a Human Energy Field image and generates energy readings and individual data using computer software.

Early Research

              Semyon Kirlian

For many centuries, scientists such as Tesla, Lichtenburg and more recently Kirlian, Voll and Mandel have experimented to capture images of these subtle energy layers and  electro-photographs of fingers, hands, plants, and leaves.

The ‘glow’ or corona of the Energy field was typically related to the state of well-being.

Recent developments

About 20 years ago, Professor Kortotkov extensively research GDV Technology at the University of St. Petersburg in Russia. As a result, the Bio-Well camera system and computer software was developed to allow rapid ‘real time measurements’ of the Human Energy Field with a high degree of accuracy. The technology has been used in many energy research applications in universities and institutes worldwide.

For my initial studies, individual scans and measurements were taken via the tips of the finger and thumbs.

Data interpretation is based on the energy connections of the fingertip with organs and body systems via the meridian system, which have been used in Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. All data is compared with reference energy parameters of a healthy person calculated from an comprehensive database.


The above finger scans are of the left and right small and middle finger to determine organ energy of the cardiovascular system. The scan also provides individual energy status of each Yin/Yang meridian

(Example below is the Heart Meridian)


Shiatsu Research Project

My initial research and data was based on energy data collected from over 40 volunteers to compare Human Energy Field (HEF) measurements pre- and post-  Shiatsu treatment (approximately 45 mins). It was also interesting that when a client was traditionally diagnosed at the beginning of a Shiatsu treatment, the areas of Kyo/Jitsu (deficient/excess energy) correlated well with the thee pre- and -post measurements of the HEF (Human Energy Field) using the GDV Bio-Well technology and camera.

Left/Right symmetry and organ balance energy increased (improves blood and lymphatic flow and overall vitality)

Comparison measurements included:

  • Human Energy Field scan
  • Energy Status of organs and body systems
  • Energy Reserve of organs and body systems
  • Emotional pressure, overall energy levels,
  • L/R Symmetry and organ energy balance
  • Energy field from organs and body systems
  • Yin Yang meridian energy
  • Chakra energy balance
  • Biorhythms

General HEF observations and trends from research project, post Shiatsu treatment.

Improved brightness, clarity and uniformity of Human Energy Field (HEF). Less holes (Ki deficiency) and spikes (Ki excess) in corona. (Shiatsu treatment appeared to enhance the flow of Ki-Energy, and improved energy balance).


Reduction in stress levels and emotional pressure (Shiatsu treatments appeared to enhance relaxation and the natural healing process, less client discomfort).

Improved energy reserves and energy distribution in organs and body systems (increase of Ki flow and vitality)

Yin/Yang energy balance energy and flow throughout twelve main meridians. (improved Ki flow, relaxation, healing process)

Better alignment of and energy reading of seven main Chakras to central line of spinal cord – Note: although this is Vedic Model and is not studied in TCM, the GDV camera system can quantitively assess the energy of each chakra and corresponding activation level. There are similar Acupressure location points to these chakras in TCM such as CV1 (Root Chakra); CV17 (Heart Chakra); Yin Tan (Third Eye) and GV20 (Crown Chakra)

The Bio-Well GDV Camera system is not a medical instrument, it is not designed for medical diagnosis. The system is a well-being device allowing the analysis of the energetics of Human Energy Field.

Conclusion and summary thoughts

The initial results are very encouraging as energetic outcomes that you would expect from a traditional Shiatsu treatment can now be measured via Human Energy Field using GDV technology. This allows the practitioner the option to routinely monitor client energetic status, on 1:1 basis, pre- and post- therapy or part of a well-being programme.

As with many complimentary therapies there is so much opportunity and scope to enhance the wellbeing of individuals on a day to day basis such as to relieve tension, stress, and assist relaxation and sleep especially if the programme could include exercise and diet. It would be very beneficial a positive step to undertake further parallel research using other more common health related measurements to not only the better endorse Shiatsu as a complimentary therapy, but to gain wider acceptance within our communities, as well as clinical or hospital settings.

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The Energy of Health: Dr Konstantin Korotkov


Author: Murray Nicholson qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner from the European Shiatsu School in Brighton in 2010 and completed his MRSS in 2011. He has completed other courses to broaden his knowledge and experience including Reiki and Taiji Qi-gong and lives and practices in the Surrey.

Any further information, please contact Murray. Email: or

Going forward 

Thank you so much Murray. Fantastic blog! Very informative and fascinating.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are liaising with Murray and hope to work with him and the camera either via Shiatsu Health Point or our new Community Company carrying out research. We will keep you informed.

If you have any ideas as to how we can work further with Murray and the GDV then we would love to hear from you. Please do contact us. 

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  1. Simon A said on January 28th, 2018 4:51 pm:

    Thanks, Murray. Interesting and revealing work..If we in Britain, and anywhere else in the West for that matter, had a Health System, rather than a Sickness System, that is one which is just as involved in the maintenance of health rather dealing with sickness, perhaps these kinds of diagnostics might be taken a great deal more seriously. Right now it is too easy (and convenient) to ignore them. May that situation change soon…

  2. Murray Nicholson said on January 30th, 2018 3:10 pm:

    Thanks Simon – appreciate your comments – its always been a challenge why complimentary therapies such as shiatsu are not more extensively practised and integrated into our health system. Our society only seems to respond and reacts to sickness rather than focusing on well-being, diet and the causes of illness – however if we can continue generating data on the benefits of complimentary therapies such as shiatsu and run parallel clinical trials with measurements that are more recognised by our health system we may start to gain better acceptance and recognition…… we are not living in the east so we have to sometimes play by western rules to help achieve our goals. Thanks your insight and support / BR Murray