Shiatsu and Pain

September 9th, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog

By Guest Blogger, Mark Spiers, MRSS Shiatsu Practitioner

When we are faced with pain in the body our tendencies are to dislike it, to complain about it. This is creating more tension on the affected area which is putting more pressure on the nerve endings (receptors) and creating more pain.  To cope with it we may then restrict our movements, hold ourselves and become more rigid which then can cause other areas of tension and stiffness in the body.

If we cut ourselves our blood automatically rushes the platelets to the wound, aiding the healing. What pain is really saying is ‘look at me, I need some help, support me’.

When we have pain or injury what is helpful is to give the body appropriate support. A Shiatsu practitioner is aiming to help you relax, to ease out tension and stiffness through the whole body, to support the injured / painful area. To ease out the tensions and stiffness the practitioner will work the whole body to help give balance and ease of movement. With the injured area they may work either side of it, to smooth the flows, and support it. Light touch may be applied over the injury which in itself can be deeply penetrating.  All aimed in supporting the natural abilities of the body.

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