A Shiatsu Treatment

On your first visit to a Shiatsu practitioner you can expect them to ask you general questions about your health, lifestyle and medical history. They might ask you about your diet, sleep patterns and how you feel emotionally. Occasionally your practitioner may also check with your GP if they think that having a Shiatsu treatment could interfere with your health or any other treatments you are having. Rarely, there might be situations where your practitioner or doctor recommend that you do not have Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is usually carried out fully clothed and on a futon (thin mattress) on the floor, although if your movement is restricted practitioners should be able to treat you on a bed, treatment couch, chair, or wheelchair. Some practitioners do choose to treat on a massage table as opposed to the floor.  Seated Shiatsu is usually carried out on a special chair and most seated Shiatsu practitioners offer head, shoulder and back treatments.

You should wear casual clothing such as a track suit or jogging bottoms and a loose comfortable top. On average practitioners offer one-hour sessions.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing treatment.  Your practitioner will usually treat your whole body using finger pressure, gentle rotations, and gentle stretches. The reason they treat your whole body is, for example, you may be suffering with back pain but that does not necessary mean you have a problem stemming from your back, you may have an issue with your neck or hips and this is causing the pain in your back.  Some practitioners will begin by gently touching your tummy (abdominal) area. This is called ‘hara’ in Japanese. This helps them learn your body’s energy levels and which areas need attention.

It is best not to have a heavy meal before having a Shiatsu treatment and it is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment.

As Shiatsu is very relaxing it is best to have a treatment when you are able to relax after it if at all possible.


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