Why Join?





If we want Shiatsu and its excellent benefits known in the UK then we need to work together and support each other.

Shiatsu has been in the UK for 40 years and in our experience hardly anyone knows what it is. Many practitioners tell us that they cannot make a living from Shiatsu. We are on a mission to change both of these which is why Shiatsu Health Point was created.

‘Our new Community Company is now set up which allows us to apply for grant funding. This will enable us to fund community projects and pay Shiatsu practitioners across the whole of the UK. Exciting times! ‘  Read more about it here…

The idea is we all, us and Shiatsu students and practitioners, all work together to get Shiatsu better known. By joining us as a client we work with you personally on a one-to-one basis to see how we can help you better build your practice.  There are many ways we can do that.  For example we are working with one client at the moment who has been with us three weeks and so far we have:

  • Worked on his Facebook page and increased his social media x 7
  • Taken his stagnant practice and increased his energy that he has gained 3 new clients
  • Paid for a Facebook advert in his county targeting 7,000 people
  • Helping him set up a High Street healthcare clinic
  • Been active on a health forum and promoted him to MS patients
  • Made contact with his local hospitals and are in talks with them
  • Given him the incentive to arrange a workshop.  Checked his advertising for that workshop
  • Arranging our web developers to develop him a new website
  • Listing on our website
  • Promoted his meditation workshops

He wants to work with Rugby clubs so we are about to contact local clubs for him.

Another client already has a busy practice so we are supporting him in setting up a school which is a dream of his. We have also analysed his website and will advise how that can be improved.

Each client is different so we spend time talking to them to see how we can help.

We also aim to link practitioners together as many have said that they feel alone in their working. It would be great to have more local support groups.

The company only launched in August and we have written many blogs and submitted articles to several places.  We have already got a testimonial from the popstar Toyah – view it here. This has gone on our website and social media sites which has reached many people.  More celebs are contacted all the time.

We have already a huge social media impact reaching 1000’s of people spreading the word about Shiatsu. An ongoing Facebook campaign is targeting 125,000 people across the country and 7,700 being targeted across Leicestershire. This doesn’t include all the people we are reaching with our Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, forum posts and LinkedIn posts.

If we have achieved this in less than a month just think what we can achieve by this time next year, and what we can achieve with your support!

We have many more projects in the pipeline and details will be released when they come into fruition.


“I am really impressed with Shiatsu Health Point. After joining, within a few days I had received a phone call from Samantha who the very next day produced an outline of where I was at with my Shiatsu practice based upon our conversation and a Plan of Action for us both. I feel that I have my own business consultant and marketing manager. Thank you Samantha.”  Kerry, Derbyshire


We plan a lot more but without support from practitioners and their client fees we cannot do anything big.  We would love to see things like TV adverts and research for example.  We have tried to keep the client fee low – students £36 and practitioners £72. There is also the option to have a block insurance scheme with Balens.

We are currently trying to source all the research there is for Shiatsu and collate it in one place.  We are also including foreign research – a lot of which needs translating. This is placed on the client area of the website.

Once you become a client you will not only have our personal support but also access to the client area of our website where you will have access to so much information and support including:

  • Research
  • Marketing materials
  • Networking and support group information
  • Support documents – how to target your marketing, how to get clients to become long-term clients, how to analyse your practice etc
  • Information on Shiatsu and specific ailments
  • Business support information – self-assessment, contra-indications, keeping treatment records, treating minors etc
  • Guidance sheets – Facebook for Business, how to create videos, how to blog etc

We do hope that you will consider supporting us and help in making Shiatsu become well-known in the UK.

Our aims:

  • Give you personal support to help you market Shiatsu
  • Give you personal one-to-one support to help you market your practice
  • Offer you a discounted insurance scheme
  • Help build support groups local to you so you have local support as well as our support
  • Give you a platform to advertise your events and promotions free of charge via our website, social media and media advertising
  • Keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of Shiatsu
  • Give you a listing on our website to increase your business
  • Get articles published in local media near to you as well as national media publications
  • Provide you with support materials – How Shiatsu can help with certain ailments, business advice, marketing advice, signposting – to name a few!
  • Advertise you on our website, social media and to the media. Not just once but over and over again.
  • Provide a forum facility to network with other clients.
  • Work to get more collaboration with medics, health professionals and hospices
  • There seems to be a lot of Shiatsu research that has been carried out abroad so we are starting to locate this and get it translated into English to add to our research library resource

We all need to work together to achieve this goal. The more support we get the more we can do such as:

  • Bigger media campaigns
  • Bigger and more advertising – we would love to see a TV advert for example! Our dream is to have ‘Shiatsu’ everywhere people turn
  • Get more research done proving Shiatsu works!
  • Get celebrities to endorse Shiatsu so we can create an even bigger media buzz
  • More political representation

The possibilities are endless if we all work together!

Let’s make Shiatsu a household name!

  • Students £36 p.a.
  • Seated Practitioners £50 p.a.
  • Practitioners £72 p.a.

Any Shiatsu student or practitioner aged 18 or over and resident in the UK is welcome to join us.

You can either JOIN ONLINE or complete one of the following application forms and return it to us via post or email.

  • Application Form Student
  • Application Form Seated Practitioner
  • Application Form Practitioner

If you wish to appear on the public listings then you need to meet the minimum requirements below:

Practitioner Listing minimum requirements: 1-year training (to have included practical, case studies and final assessment), 150 hours, Shiatsu practitioner insurance.

Seated Shiatsu Practitioner Listing minimum requirements: Minimum 20 hours training (to have included practical, case studies and final assessment), Seated Shiatsu insurance.

Student Listing minimum requirements:  Be in your 3rd year of training, Shiatsu student insurance, can meet Balens requirements as follows:

“In respect of any Treatment or Advice given by any person who is not qualified in the Procedure being undertaken except:

a) under the direct supervision of a qualified person or

b) with the specific agreement of the insurer or

c) for student’s case study work, or for other work prior to qualification being obtained, if deemed ready or competent to do so by their school or tutor

providing that:

i) students do not practice outside the scope of what they have been taught, and that regular supervision and/or on-going case consultation and review for such case studies is in place

ii) students are to declare to any recipient in advance that they are not qualified.

iii) students may charge a fee if appropriate, provided this is allowed by the tutor or school in question and that it is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified professional would normally charge.”