Clients of Shiatsu Health Point can access our discounted insurance scheme with Balens. A fantastic insurance policy which offers a liability of £6m, covers most other therapies you are may be qualified in at no extra charge, and access to 24-hour advice lines. Whether you are a Shiatsu student or practitioner insurance is essential for your practice.


£38 discount when insuring with Balens via our block scheme!


We highly recommend Balens Ltd for Shiatsu insurance. The company is run by David Balen and his two sons, all of whom are complementary therapy practitioners so they understand the business and they really do take a personal interest in complementary therapy and their clients.

Balens can offer you insurance for your Shiatsu in other countries too including Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Holland, Malta, Ireland and France.  The policy includes temporary cover for abroad excluding the USA and Canada.


Any practitioner of Shiatsu Health Point can apply for insurance via our scheme. If you wish to appear on the public listings then you must have insurance and we will require evidence of it. If you insured elsewhere then please send us a copy.

Any practitioner who has not undertaken a 3-year course and who wishes to appear on the public listings will need to show evidence that their training has included case studies, practical, and a formal assessment.


The insurance scheme is open to any student client of Shiatsu Health Point.  Insurance is optional but if you are a third year student and wish to appear on the public listing then you will need to have insurance and meet the following requirements as stated by Balens:

“In respect of any Treatment or Advice given by any person who is not qualified in the Procedure being undertaken except:

a) under the direct supervision of a qualified person or
b) with the specific agreement of the insurer or
c) for students’ case study work, or for other work prior to qualification being obtained, if deemed ready or competent to do so by their school or tutor

providing that:

i) students do not practice outside the scope of what they have been taught, and that regular supervision and/or on-going case consultation and review for such case studies is in place
ii) students are to declare to any recipient in advance that they are not qualified.
iii) students may charge a fee if appropriate, provided this is allowed by the tutor or school in question and that it is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified professional would normally charge.”

We suggest that you ask for a minimum ‘donation’.

If you wish to appear on the public listings and are insured elsewhere then please send us a copy of your insurance.